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I Love Children it's been my life !

I love children. For as long as I can recall I wanted to care for children. I can remember wanting to be a nurse and take care of babies, and of course I had many dolls and was the best "mother" I knew how to be to them. I remember also pretending to be the "teacher" and the dolls or my friends were my students. When I was old enough I loved baby sitting. When I enrolled in college my idea was to get my Bachelor of Nursing degree, but when I realized I was not going to get any "hands on" instruction for two years that discouraged me. I was anxious to "get to work" caring for children. I changed my degree plan to Elementary Education and Child Development. I enjoyed my four years at Kansas State University.

After graduation, I was married and since my husband was in the military and we were moving often, so I did not teach. We had four children very quickly and I loved caring for and raising them. They taught me so much. I consider them my first "Master's" program. When the youngest child turned 4 years old, I began teaching. I taught kindergarten and loved it. The following year I taught in the preschool that our church was starting. I taught three and 4 year old children for the next 9 years. At that time, I became the director of the same program, First Presbyterian Preschool in Arlington, Texas.

I realized in 1983 that I wanted and needed to pursue a counseling degree since there were many families in the school asking me for help. I wanted to be qualified to give them the counsel they requested. I entered the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington and received a Master's Degree in 1987. My degree was in direct practice. My certification in Texas is as Licensed Master of Social Work - Applied Clinical Practice. This allowed me to help the children and parents in the school who asked for and needed help. I was also able to do counseling with children and families separate and apart from the school.

Why do I love children? They are beautiful and innocent and unbelievably honest and creative. They are all different and yet all very special. I enjoy the children who are "slow-to-warm" and somewhat timid and shy. I find the "difficult" child challenging but a child I always enjoy working with. They are so exuberant and full of fun and exciting things to do. When I truly accept them as they are and gain their trust, we can work together to be successful at whatever we try. Perhaps I can relate to that particular child because I think I must have fit that profile of "difficult" as a child myself. In addition, of course, we all love the "easy" child. This child is the one who brings joy to you continually. The terms "easy", "slow-to-warm", and "difficult" are terms of temperament. I will include an article on that in the future.

I love watching them grow and develop. I had the joy of watching the children I taught grow and develop and move on through their years of public education, marry, and have their own children that they brought back to the school when I was director. I even have had some of the children that I taught, teach for my school.

Children bring hope to the world. They have the ability to keep us "young". They are evidence of God's presence in our world!

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