Parenting is a challenging task. It is also a gret joy!


This section of the website is for parents and will contain articles that pertain to the many facets of that subject.

Parenting is a challenging task. It is also a great joy! Each new day brings new challenges and joys. As the parent of four grown children, and nine grandchildren I have had my challenges and joys. I certainly do not have all of the answers, but I have found some solutions throughout the years to situations that seem to be common in parenting.

As a counselor, I have worked with both children and parents and have grown in my knowledge and understanding through those people. We all have our perceptions of what parenting involves before we become parents. After we become parents, we usually realize it means much more than we imagined, and it takes both time and energy!

It is my plan to offer articles that will perhaps shed some light on an issue you may be experiencing. If you have questions of suggestions for articles, please email me with those. I will respond to your email

Parenting Articles:

Children Play To Learn (a child's play is his work -and toys are his words)

Hold- a me Mommy (how to calm your child's fears)

First Day's Fears (leaving your baby for the first time - what to expect)


Cuddle Don't Coddle (can you love too much?)

I Am A Child (poem)

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