To my “other family . . . . .

The best and brightest memories are held within my heart,

       and made into a patchwork quilt…of which you’re all a part!

Our lives my differ greatly, and perhaps our ages too,

       but one thing is for certain….the love I have for you.

Children all around us, touched by us each day….

      Their care is center in our lives, as we guide them on their way.

Change is hard for everyone. We like things to stay the same.

      God has a plan, His way is good, and His will we claim.

Though we may see each other less, we know we still will be,

      friends at work and friends at play, this is a certainty!

I cherish all the memories from all my days with you,

     and I hope I’ve left just a few…for you to cherish too!

                            Grace and Peace . . . Marge
Copyright 2005 Marge Hampton ©

I wrote this poem for my staff at First Presbyterian Preschool before retiring. It was my tribute to all of my staff members during my years as director. I consider each of you as part of “my other family”.

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