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The purpose of this site is as stated, “believe in family”. It will provide articles about family, about children and their very special needs and about parenting. There are presently 17 articles, but will eventually grow to over 100 as time permits. Check back for new items. These articles come from my 35 years experience with young children and their families as a Director of a National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) preschool and as a therapist (Licensed Master of Social Work-Applied Clinical Practice certification).

Family is a familiar word, but it means different things to different people. Whatever it means, “family” evokes many varying emotions, memories of people and events, and traditions from our particular culture.

Family implies relationships. The relationships that exist within the family are key to other relationships in our lives. The family may be viewed as the “classroom” of life. It is where we begin and end life. It is where we are taught lessons that will prepare us for the rest of our life. Whether talking about adults or children in the family, all are interacting and relating with one another. If you are lucky enough to have extended family living near you relationships can be greatly enhanced.

Topics included are those presented for others in my work as a training consultant for early childhood programs. For specific information about my 35 years of experience, my qualifications, and background, see: Meet Marge

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